NucleoATAC Documentation

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About NucleoATAC

NucleoATAC is a python package for calling nucleosome positions and occupancy using ATAC-Seq data. Functions for calling nucleosomes are included in the nucleoatac command-line function. NucleoATAC also includes other utlities for working with ATAC-seq data under the pyatac function.


Needed files

  • Aligned paired-end reads in BAM format. Must be sorted & indexed. Probably should be filtered for quality.
  • Fasta file with genome reference. Must be indexed by faidx from samtools.
  • Bed file with regions to perform analysis. Generally will be broad open chromatin regions.


Recommended to install NucleoATAC within virtual environment to minimize chance of issues with older versions of python package dependencies. NucleoATAC requries Python 2.7 (Does not currently support Python 3).

  • Make and activate python virtual environment
  • Use pip to install python dependencies: pip install cython numpy scipy matplotlib pysam

Either within a python virtual environment or system-wide:

  • Get source code: git clone
  • Change into directory: cd /path/to/NucleoATAC
  • Install: pip install .

For more installation options and troubleshooting, see Installation page

Calling nucleosomes

nucleoatac run --bed <bedfile> --bam <bamfile> --fasta <fastafile> --out <output_basename> --cores <number_cores_to_use>

Run nucleoatac run --help for all options. For outputs and more details see nucleoatac page